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"The Wild Flowers of Dunnottar" Art print (A3 and A4 sizes)

"The Wild Flowers of Dunnottar" Art Print

  • The wild flowers of Dunnottar' - Scottish Art Print

    This Abstract Landscape print is part of a series of illustrations based on my local Aberdeenshire area.

    Perched on a gigantic rocky outcrop overlooking the North Sea, Dunnottar Castle is a dramatic and evocative ruined cliff top fortress once the home of the Earls Marischal, once one of the most powerful families in Scotland. Steeped in history, this romantic and haunting ruin, located just outside Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, is an artist dream. In my illustration I wanted to emphasise the beautiful wild Scottish flowers that frame this amazing, much loved view of the castle.

    Available as A3 print (297mm x 420mm) or A4 print (210mm x 297mm)
    Unframed and printed on high quality gloss paper (260gms),

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